We offer comprehensive HVAC measurement services, such as flow measurement and ventilation maintenance

Correct adjustment of air conditioners improves the operation of HVAC equipment. The HVAC measurement we offer provides an accurate overview on the operation of the air conditioning system. We perform adjustments according to conducted research and measurements; when the adjustment is done correctly, it guarantees the desired indoor air conditions in a cost-efficient way.  LVI-Kartoitus Westerholm offers the following services:

Our HVAC mapping services

  • Balancing and adjustment of HVAC systems
  • Air and water quantity measurement and adjustment work
  • Seal tests for air ducts and machines
  • Noise level measurement for air conditioners and air ducts
  • System condition analyses
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Seal tests for ventilation systems
  • Measurement of room temperature

Our partners in the field include Consti Talotekniikka, Lemminkäinen, YIT, SRV Viitoset, ISS, SOK -kiinteistötoiminnot and CM Pöyry Oy, as well as several other companies.

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